Audio advertising agency Creative Fix and News Corp Australia wanted to find new ways to use news as a core product to promote


In a groundbreaking campaign, News Corp Australia and Creative Fix partnered with AudioStack and Acast to transform real-time headlines into dynamic audio content on the Acast podcasting network. Using AudioStack, Creative Fix built a custom workflow to take news headlines and subheadlines from to programmatically build 15-30 second audio ads that seamlessly integrated into matching podcasts, across categories such as breaking news, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, or tech.  These ads had a maximum lifespan of 12 hours, meaning that only synthetic media was a feasible method of creating the audio production for each spot.


Using synthetic audio production made it possible for the first time to create audio ads based on the latest developments, revolutionizing the way news are being delivered. Results showed that the placement of the ads, which matched the podcast content, created a strong incentive for the listener to visit to learn more.

Listen to the ad here





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