5 Audio Marketing Strategies For 2022

Using audio, that is, voice, sound and music, can leverage your digital user engagement, help you impact new audiences and attract new leads driving growth. Learn which are the trending audio channels and how to scale voice and audio professionally.

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An ever emerging and significant part of the content marketing space, audio marketing is making a real splash in 2022. You’ll likely be wondering exactly what it is and whether it could benefit your business.

What is audio marketing?

Put simply, audio marketing is a term that refers to any marketing effort in which the output is audio content. From audio advertising to podcast creation, it can take many forms and there are a number of audio marketing trends to be aware of and explore.

Why is audio marketing important in 2022?

It is both the convenience and scalability of audio content that makes it such a powerful method of marketing. 

With extensive content to read on our phones every day, many of us seek ways to consume information audiotorially. A strong audio marketing strategy is a way to communicate with your audience as they go about their day to day tasks. It allows you to increase brand awareness and engage users in the digital space.

Mobile and laptop usage increased 76% and 45% respectively during the pandemic*, and mobile audio traffic shows a steady growth rate of ~30% YoY**. Now is clearly a great time for brands to connect with new audiences through virtual channels.

While audio marketing has been around for decades in the form of radio marketing, digital audio marketing strategies allow businesses to truly improve user experience. Company audio news is a great way to communicate information, for example, while optimizing for voice search allows you to work with a more diverse market. When we consider that over 41% of people use voice search tools (such as Alexa and Siri) every day***, the potential of audio is even clearer. 

For many businesses, audio marketing is also an integral part of their SEO strategy. Digital audio content has been able to boost your search engine ranking since Google announced that they would begin to include audio content in Google search in 2019.

These are all reasons why audio marketing is incredibly scalable; it should not be overlooked that with the right audio marketing tools, all digital audio content can easily be repurposed and reused. For example, a YouTube video could be converted into a series of podcasts. By having the ability to turn text to audio in seconds through by Aflorithmic, you can program high quality audio content at scale.

5 audio marketing strategies:

1. Audio advertising

Audio advertising is a term that refers to any audio-based ad across any online streaming platform. This might be a Spotify ad, for example, in which a brand will advertise their product between songs. With 280 million users opting for the unpaid version of the platform, there is huge potential for raising brand awareness here. Data targeting also means that personalised ads can be created to cater towards a specific demographic. For more information on audio advertising click here

Listen to this audio advertisement using 3 synthetic voices and uplifting music:

2. Business podcasts

Business podcasts have been an increasing audio marketing trend in recent years. In line with the rise in podcast listenership, with 2021 statistics showing that 55% of Americans are tuning in****, more and more businesses are turning their hand to this form of audio content. Whether sharing company updates or industry insights, the use cases for business podcasts are several with users listening to them on everything from websites to social media.

Listen to this cool Social Media mini podcast created with 2 synthetic voices and intro music.

To see how Storyflash, the podcast creators, placed it on their website click here

3. Audio news

Sharing a news bulletin via audio is one of the main audio marketing trends of 2022. This is the perfect way to allow your audience to complete other tasks whilst taking in information. Audio news can be used as a newscast, in newsletters, on social media and on landing pages to attract and retain leads. 

Turn up the volume and check this Weather Newscast, as an example of the audio news potential:

4. Video with audio voiceover

Videos with audio voiceovers, often explainer videos, are an incredible way to present complex topics and increase trust in your brand. With over 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube each day*****, the capacity to reach a wide audience is clear. To learn more about video voiceovers click here

Listen this demo video for "Renzo's Pizza" using synthetic voice and audio:

5. Audio notifications

An audio notification is the transformation of a visual notification into sound. This has a number of use cases and provides the foundation for a great user-experience focused marketing strategy. By allowing the user to listen to mobile push notifications in a way that is convenient for them, in real time, they will save time and avoid stressful situations in which they are receiving notifications and unable to look at them properly. Interesting cases can be seen in the logistics and delivery sector for drivers and riders. Learn more on how to create text-to-audio at scale here

How to automate your audio strategy:

Automating your audio marketing strategy allows you to truly capitalise on the benefits that it can offer.

Manually, it can take some time to develop any one asset, whether it is recording a voiceover for a video ad, for example, or editing a podcast.

Converting text-to-audio quickly and easily, with the possibility to automate at scale, is now possible with Aflorithmic. You'll just need a written script (which may include variables such as name, city, or weather), a suitable voice and engaging background music for your project. Connecting to by Aflorithmic, it's possible to reproduce synthetic voices with different languages and accents, use different sound or music templates and personalise your content at a faster pace (seconds) and cost than usual.

Find out more about how your project can increase its reach and impact with audio. Contact us or Start building for free now. 


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