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We’ve taken all of our learnings from over one year of building and made a new version. AudioStack is easier, faster, more powerful - just better.

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How does AudioStack work?

Check out this tutorial on how to code your first fully synthetic audio production in under 2 minutes:

What’s new?

Better code

AudioStack uses a slightly changed format and radically simpler syntax. It’s more intuitive to write, easier to understand and allows for so much more flexibility when creating audio. Oh, did we mention that production is now also significantly faster?

More powerful sound

AudioStack’s all-new mastering engine makes your synthetic audio production sound full and crisp. At the same time, you can produce your audio in the format that fits your use case best.

Beautiful new console

We completely reworked the developer console. You can now create demo frontends, assign roles and allow users to clone their voices.

More, even better voices

AudioStack is about to feature well over 700 synthetic voices, with an exciting announcement coming your way in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Still using will still be available for a while so you can keep using it. However, we’ve already stopped rolling out features and will eventually deprecate it. We’d recommend upgrading to AudioStack as soon as possible. Depending on your integration updating the code should just take you anywhere between a few hours and 1-2 developer days.

About Aflorithmic

Aflorithmic Labs, Ltd is a London/Barcelona-based technology company. The platform enables fully automated, scalable audio production by using synthetic media, voice cloning, and audio mastering, to then deliver it on any device, such as websites, mobile apps, or smart speakers.

With this Audio-As-A-Service, anybody can create beautiful sounding audio, starting from a simple text to including music and complex audio engineering without any previous experience required.

The team consists of highly skilled specialists in machine learning, software development, voice synthesizing, AI research, audio engineering, and product development.

*All images courtesy of Aflorithmic Labs and Dall-E 2