Tech Future Is Female

As Aflorithmic’s first Team of the Month feature, we’d like to give visibility to our 100% women-driven Frontend Team and highlight how their team contributes to the Aflorithmic culture.

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Mind the gap

It's no secret that there has been a significant gender gap in the tech industry for some time now. But do you know just how sizeable it is?

In recent years, studies have shown that as little as 19% of the tech workplace are women, regardless of the size of the organization. And yet approximately 28% of tech graduates are female, a figure that is growing each year. So the question is: Who is letting these qualified candidates slip through the cracks in the tech sector? And more importantly, why?

Leading from the front

Here at Aflorithmic we are extremely passionate about embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace - especially by supporting fresh female talent in the tech space. And luckily for us, we get to work alongside many accomplished women every day.

This is because the Aflorithmic team is made up of over 40% women, a figure that is considerably closer to our goal of complete parity than most other companies in the tech industry. Not only this, but our frontend developer team is actually 100% female! We hope that in the near future other companies will reach this ratio too, but until then we will continue to grow our team with the best talent, regardless of gender.

We would love to be able to introduce all our talented female employees in this post, but we will save that for another Team of the Month feature. For today, we would like to highlight our Frontend team specifically. 

What is a Frontend Team?

If you didn't know already, a Frontend Developer writes code that runs in a webpage or app, and connects what a backend developer has coded, by presenting it to the user in an interactive way.

This means that our frontend team is responsible for developing the features on our backend, as well as in our products and use cases that the API performs, and making them look as good as you see them today! 

The team uses HTML, CSS and React (a JavaScript library) on a daily basis, as well as collaborating with the backend team using Python.

At Aflorithmic, the Frontend team are currently working on developing a Console for developers, audio engineers or business users. The console is what allows you to get your individual API key so that you can run the code, choose your ideal voice and sound template, introduce your text and obtain your beautiful audio files so that you can share them with your clients. The final version will be delivered in the upcoming weeks!

Try out the for yourself to start integrating AI audio into your next project!

Meet the team

Aflorithmic’s Frontend Team is made up of four members: Product Owner Thais, Tech Lead Mireia, and two Frontend Developers Liana and Cristina. Here you can get to know some of the team a little better!

From Left to right: Thais, Liana

Thais - Digital Product Owner

“During my relatively new experience in the technology industry and specifically in Aflorithmic it has been more rewarding than I could ask for, I have the opportunity to work in a healthy continuous learning environment with very capable and promising people.

Our female frontend team has made this journey so much more engaging, I feel very supported and trusted with them, those traits can only improve and expand the performance a PO requires for the role.”

Liana - Frontend Developer

“Before throwing myself into the world of programming, I had my own business. I realized that no matter what industry you’re working in, technical skills are crucial to the growth of any business. I’m very passionate about mental health and one of the many things programming gives me on a daily basis, is pushing me out of my comfort zone to grow both professionally and cognitively.

Being a woman in tech couldn’t be easier in Aflorithmic, where I’m surrounded by amazing women who support each other. What I love most about my job is the people I get to work with.”

At Aflorithmic, we are constantly growing and looking out for fresh talent, so we always have interesting opportunities for you to work with us!

Break The Bias

Now that you’ve met our team, you may be curious how you can incorporate this diversity into your digital content. So if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our AI female voices and take your pick from hundreds of female AI voices that you can use in your next AI audio project with

If you are interested in introducing beautiful, scalable audio into your digital content for business or project, you can contact us here!

And don’t forget - Outsmart the algorithm and #BreakTheBias by advocating for more #WomenInTech!


About Aflorithmic

Aflorithmic Labs, Ltd is a London/Barcelona-based technology company. The platform enables fully automated, scalable audio production by using synthetic media, voice cloning, and audio mastering, to then deliver it on any device, such as websites, mobile apps, or smart speakers.

With this Audio-As-A-Service, anybody can create beautiful sounding audio, starting from a simple text to including music and complex audio engineering without any previous experience required.

The team consists of highly skilled specialists in machine learning, software development, voice synthesizing, AI research, audio engineering, and product development.