The 8 Best Text to Speech Voice Providers

At Aflorithmic we are provider agnostic. Meaning that rather than being a Text-to-Speech voice provider, we own a voice library of over 500 AI voices, from the best TTS providers, all in one place. With access to these voices, you can then filter through them with a user-friendly navigation, making it quicker and easier than ever to integrate TTS voices into your business’ AI audio projects.

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The Evolution of Text–to-Speech:

From Siri, to Alexa, Text-to-speech has revolutionized user-experience, and continues evolving year on year. According to Data research and consulting company ‘Brouton Lab’, recent estimations value the TTS industry at $3 billion by the end 2022, with an expectation to grow even further in the coming years. 

Fortunately, with this time, comes evolution. And over the last few years, the quality and naturalism of TTS voices has also improved exponentially. Machine-learning algorithms are constantly working to make their voices sound more human-like than ever before, in tone, emotion, and various other vocal nuances. The research and development in neural voices has brought on many of these changes. 

This ever-growing market has naturally created huge opportunities for TTS voice providers to break through big-time. However with so many out there, it can be hard to define which providers are worth using for your business. That’s why we have put together this list of the Top 8 best TTS voice providers, so that you don’t have to. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look:

1. Microsoft Azure

At the forefront of TTS voices, Microsoft Azure offer AI voices in a plethora of languages, as well as supporting various styles such as ‘confident’ sounding voices. They also have voices fit for specific purposes, such as a ‘chatbot’ voice, amongst others. In Aflorithmic’s voice library, we have over 300 Microsoft Azure for you to choose from and integrate into your business’ audio content.

2. Google

Naturally, Google was one of the first companies that got into the TTS space. Their stable and reliable voices are available in many of the most used European languages such as Spanish, French, German and English. Their English voices are also available in localized accents in Aflorithmic’s voice library. For example, British English, American English or American English accents.

3. Amazon Polly

All Amazon’s voices are neural, and are available in a wide variety of languages, including Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean. They also have children’s voices and purpose-specific voices such as a ‘Newscaster’ voice. 

4. IBM Watson

From the massive tech giant IBM, IBM Watson’s voices are also available in various languages and dialects, including Italian, Dutch, and Swedish. And they are in the process of releasing more enhanced neural voices too.


Resemble are well known for their fast and reliable voices, in particular character voices. Resemble can also create custom voices for specific purposes or personas using voice cloning technology.

6. Vocal ID

Vocal ID’s voices are highly nuanced with distinctive character, and they are also the owner’s of the voice ‘Bev Standing’, better known as the infamous ‘Tiktok’ voice. Vocal ID also specialize in voice loss technology, helping those who have lost their voices to create a voice bank.

7. Deepzen

Aflorithmic will soon be adding Deepzen voices to our library. Deepzen owns some of the most high end, sophisticated voices which are able to adapt their emotional tone and rhythm, according to the context. 

8. Cereproc

Cereproc is a Scottish company collaborating with the University of Edinburgh and working with advanced TTS technology. They have voices in various different dialects, as well as kids voices in English and European languages, such as Italian. They are also providing various novelty voices for the gaming sector such as demons, ghosts, goblins, and more.

At Aflorithmic, we also create fit for purpose voices too, created by our R & D team, Messner. For example, our popular voice ‘Albert’, modelled after the famous physicist Albert Einstein, or ‘Shelly’ a fitness-specific voice, and ‘Cynthia’, our sales voice. Contact us if you would like a voice created for your specific project or business. 

Multi-Voice and Voice Upload Features:

The possibilities with Aflorithmic don’t stop there, with’s Multi-Voice feature, you can even create speech using multiple voices from various different providers in one audio file, or your own brand’s cloned voice, and integrate them together. You can even upload audio files of real speech and mix these with AI voices, for an even more dynamic and engaging experience for your audience. Both of these would not be possible through only one sole provider.


And the best part? Aflorithmic’s doesn’t stop at Text to Speech. In fact, that’s where Aflorthmic begins. Because enables Text to Audio, that is, AI voices, music, sound designs and effects, mastering, personalization, versioning and more. 

What does that sound like? Take a listen to some of the AI audio content created with here.

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About Aflorithmic:

Aflorithmic is a London/Barcelona-based technology company. Its platform enables fully automated, scalable audio production by using synthetic media, voice cloning, and audio mastering, to then deliver it on any device, such as websites, mobile apps, or smart speakers.

With this Audio-As-A-Service, anybody can create beautiful sounding audio, starting from a simple text to including music and complex audio engineering without any previous experience required.

The team consists of highly skilled specialists in machine learning, software development, voice synthesizing, AI research, audio engineering, and product development.