SUCCESS STORIES Dynamic Audio Wins International Sound Award 2023 in three categories

Super excited to announce that AudioStack has been awarded as a "Winner" of the International Sound Awards 2023 in the categories Product, Research & Development and Voice & Audio Dialogue.

Timo Kunz, Co-founder & CEO

Timo Kunz, Co-founder & CEO

Super excited to announce that AudioStack has been awarded as a "Winner" of the International Sound Awards 2023 in the categories Product, Research & Development and Voice & Audio Dialogue.

Audio technology startup took home three awards at the prestigious 2023 International Sound Awards held in September 2023. The company won in the categories of Music, Audio and Tech for its innovative AI-powered audio production technology.

The International Sound Awards, also referred to as the “Oscars of Sound',' are considered one of the most prestigious honors in the industry. Past winners include pioneers such as Dolby, Bang & Olufsen, and Bowers & Wilkins.


The ISA recognize excellence and innovation in sound and music technology worldwide. An international jury of industry experts evaluates entries across multiple categories, with the goal of promoting better acoustic environments and experiences.

This year's jury featured luminaries like Hugo Verweij of Apple, Audrey Arbeeny of Audiobrain, Vanessa Goh of Spotify, Henry Daw of Google, Karlheinz Brandenburg of Fraunhofer IDMT, Antonio Camurri of Casa Paganini, André Price of Jung von Matt NERD, and others. Their expertise spans music, sound design, audio branding, psychoacoustics and more.'s wins demonstrate the promise of its unique generative audio infrastructure. The company's technology is able to streamline end-to-end audio production using AI content generation, text to speech, generative music and cloud-based AI post production.


This makes AudioStack the world’s first Audio-as-a-Service platform which combines cutting-edge generative text-to-speech with professional quality sound-design, mixing and mastering functionality. With AudioStack’s API, enterprises can move away from tedious manual sound engineering processes and programmatically produce large numbers of professional audio assets within seconds.

Anyone with basic tech skills — from indie hackers to creative producers at international agencies — can now automate the entire audio production process and ship it 10,000x faster and 99% cheaper.

Watch the video:

Co-founder and CCO Björn Ühss said, "We're thrilled to be recognized among so many outstanding organizations pushing audio technology forward. This validates our belief in AI's potential to revolutionize the way audio is created, delivered and experienced."

With its wins, joins the ranks of leading innovators in audio and music tech. The company is poised to continue disrupting the market with its AI audio solutions. Look for more new technologies enabling next-gen audio applications in the months and years ahead.

About AudioStack

In 2019 three entrepreneurs founded AudioStack as Aflorithmic Labs, Ltd in London, UK. The Generative AI Audio Startup team of 20+ includes Machine Learning Engineers, Audio Algorithm Developers, Software Engineers, AI Voice Researchers and Audio advertising experts. AudioStack is the world’s leading solution for Enterprise grade audio production infrastructure. The technology provides a complete toolkit of AI-enabled proprietary audio production backend APIs to power scalable audio production across a wide range of industries.




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