aireal group & streaMonkey launch new radio mod.creator tool, powered by AudioStack technology

The new radio mod.creator tool was showcased at Lokalrundfunktage in Nürnberg

Björn Ühss, Co-founder & CCO

Björn Ühss, Co-founder & CCO

The new radio mod.creator tool was showcased at Lokalrundfunktage in Nürnberg

No one really wants to handle the 3 am radio night shift. But thanks to AI, this is no longer necessary!

We’re thrilled to announce that aireal group and streaMonkey have trusted AudioStack to power their new "radio mod.creator" tool, which has just been showcased at Lokalrundfunktage in Nürnberg.

The radio mod.creator makes creating radio programs effortless. With over 1,300 professional AI voices and advanced audio production capabilities, like multitrack editing, radio program managers can now create radio program updates like traffic, weather or news in a few clicks. This innovative tool even includes local voice cloning (e.g. local dialects and accents, such as Bavarian, Austrian, or Swiss), allowing for truly personalized and timely broadcasts with the highest local relevance in the voice of the known moderator.

AudioStack's AI audio engines (APIs) served as the backbone infrastructure to the tool, allowing streaMonkey to launch the radio mod.creator in record time. We're proud to have been chosen by aireal group steaMonkey as a trusted partner in revolutionizing radio broadcasting. Want to try it out yourself? Email for a personalized virtual demo, showcasing the mod.creator tool and the AudioStack engines and platform.

About aireal

With groundbreaking precision and innovative software solutions, aireal. brings together audio inventory owners and advertisers creating an audio advertising market in which the publisher has the freedom and control they need to manage their monetization to the max.

aireal. orchestrates programmatic marketing of audio inventories. As a full-service audio SSP, aireal. integrates both online and broadcast inventories and works in close collaboration with DSPs, trade desks and exchange platforms for fully automated trading.

The Booking Wizard makes booking, delivering and managing advertising media in audio broadcast and online audio offerings as easy for agencies as creating a social media campaign. And because you can only control what you measure, aireal. with its Revenue Wizard provides in-depth perspectives in advertising campaigns, sales and inventory. This means publishers are equipped with all the tools they need to control their resources.

About AudioStack

AudioStack is the world’s leading end-to-end enterprise solution for AI audio production. Our proprietary technology connects AI-powered media creation forms such as AI script generation, text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, generative music and dynamic versioning. This allows enterprises to build complex audio production workflows faster than real-time. AudioStack unlocks cost and time efficient audio that is addressable at scale, without compromising on quality.




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