AudioStack partners with Teads on Creative Consortium to elevate omnichannel advertising

AudioStack has partnered with Teads on their Creative Consortium, a suite of new omnichannel partnerships to enhance exceptional creative services further and maximize campaign results for advertisers.

Lina Adelt, Marketing Director

Lina Adelt, Marketing Director

AudioStack has partnered with Teads on their Creative Consortium, a suite of new omnichannel partnerships to enhance exceptional creative services further and maximize campaign results for advertisers.

See the original press release on the Teads website.

Teads, the global media platform, announced the formation of a Creative Consortium, a suite of new omnichannel partnerships to enhance exceptional creative services further and maximize campaign results for advertisers. The new offerings extend Teads’ ability to deliver personalized and engaging ad experiences for advertisers by implementing top-tier creative solutions and cutting-edge technology by collaborating with best-in-class partners, including AudioStack, Perfect Corp, Aryel, Threedium, Atelar, Geenee, Vyde, Stats Perform, and SmartCommerce.

As part of the strategic launch, Teads Studio, the company’s in-house creative team, has integrated advanced creative solutions to optimize and repurpose ad content across various digital platforms for its partners, including:

  • AI-Driven Audio Production: Powered by its partnership with AudioStack, Teads is unlocking addressable, high-quality video at scale and utilizing AI-driven audio production – across CTV video or native – to create dynamic, personalized, and contextually relevant audio-visual experiences tailored to different languages, locations, and audience segments.

  • Real-Time Sports Data Integration: Embedding live sports statistics into ad creatives to enhance engagement among sports fans in partnership with Stats Perform.

  • AR For The Open Web: Introducing immersive AR experiences such as Virtual Try-On (VTO), which significantly enhance consumer engagement and conversion rates in partnership with Perfect Corp, Aryel, Threedium, Atelar, and Geenee.

  • Conversation Units: Revolutionizes shopper engagement with innovative in-ad chat units optimized for shoppable moments, allowing consumers to interact through a decision tree and select products based on their needs in partnership with Vyde.

  • Omnichannel Integrations: Bridging online and offline experiences, enhancing direct response capabilities.

  • Innovative 3D-Like Experiences: Captivating audiences with engaging 3D like experiences, improving brand recall and interaction rates with Threedium.

  • Shopping Ads: Bringing commerce at the speed of life, engaging consumers wherever and however they choose to shop with SmartCommerce.

  • Interactive Shopping Solutions: Development of advanced shopping formats, including visualizations, 3D models, dynamic ads, and shoppable scenarios.

Timo Kunz, Founder & CEO of AudioStack says "We are thrilled to partner with Teads due to their global scale, premium supply, quality clients, and the immense opportunity to innovate together. As a leading enterprise solution for end-to-end AI audio production, we're excited to work with Teads to deliver high-quality, personalized AI voice-overs across premium video ads, enhancing ad performance through tailored solutions based on data such as location, promotional offers, language, context, and audience segments."

Teads’ enhanced creative capabilities have already empowered brands like Nissan, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Rimowa, and Lenovo to expand the delivery of personalized ads across multiple touchpoints, enhance customer interaction, and drive business results.

Teads’ cutting-edge campaign with Nissan integrated CTV, OTT, and Mixed Reality (XR) elements to promote the Nissan Qashqai. QR code integration amplified engagement and boosted brand favorability, reaching an impressive 41% of the UK population at least once, with an average frequency of 4.1.

“We were thrilled to partner with Teads Studio to craft a cross-screen experience that effectively reached households on the big screen through OTT and integrated a unique VR experience,” said Niels Van Der Burg, Nissan’s director of marketing operations, Europe. “This innovative approach allowed us to showcase the e-POWER technology and the features of the Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai in a truly engaging and immersive manner.”

Other notable brands leveraging Teads’ enhanced creative offerings via its Creative Consortium include:

  • Both McDonald’s and PepsiCo: McDonald’s and Lays (a part of PepsiCo) are partnering with Teads independently for UEFA Euro 2024, utilizing Stats Perform technology to integrate live stats based on match scores directly into their advertising creative.

  • Lenovo: Lenovo was the first tech brand to launch the Teads Conversational Unit in the US, achieving remarkable results. The Lenovo Conversational Unit recorded a 0.25% interaction rate, representing a 66% increase compared to the benchmark. It also achieved a 28.09% active attention rate, marking a 180% increase over the benchmark, and a 0.18% click-through rate (CTR).

“At Teads, we’re laser-focused on helping our partners succeed in today’s landscape by boosting engagement, increasing relevance and maximizing impact across all screens,” said Jonathan Lewis, global head of studio at Teads. “The Creative Consortium directly supports the company’s ongoing mission to be ‘best in glass,’ by partnering with innovative industry-leading creative technology and data vendors empowering us to provide the biggest brands in the world with exceptional creative solutions optimized for omnichannel environments.”

Learn 7 Ways to Craft Connections with Exceptional Creative with Teads' latest infographic.




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