AudioStack's Voice of the Week

A collection of our 'Voice of the Week' to date - a weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voices.

Maria Chatzi, Product Owner

Maria Chatzi, Product Owner

A collection of our 'Voice of the Week' to date - a weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voices.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Text-to-Speech (TTS) has emerged as a revolutionary tool, seamlessly blending artificial intelligence with the human touch.

Welcome to "Voice of the Week" - our weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voice that has been used by clients and partners. 

AudioStack offers a breadth of synthetic voices, helping to scale audio production, without compromising on quality. Access over 1,200 voices, 83 languages and hundreds of different accents in AudioStack Voice Library

Check out our Voices of the Week to date below👇 Or watch them on YouTube.

Issac for Porsche:

Issac is an Australian / Multilingual voice used by our client Audacia for their Porsche ad.

Matilda for McDonald's:

Matilda is a fun, energetic and confident multilingual voice that was used by our client Audacia for their McDonald's campaign.

Top French Voices:

Why choose one voice when you can have 10? So get your wine ready and meet AudioStack’s Top 10 French TTS voices, chosen from our experts, each with its unique personality and ideal use case. Read more here.

Penny for PENNY Germany:

In this 'Voice of the Week' Omnicom wanted to create PENNY's own exclusive voice by cloning a new brand voice and maintaining their sonic brand identity through dynamic advertising. By using AI in the creative production process, PENNY Deutschland created scale and local relevance across their paid media.

Top German Voices:

Guten Tag! We're excited to showcase our favorite German synthetic voices! From Berlin to Vienna, experience 'synthetische Stimmen' that'll make you say "wow" in any dialect. Read more here.

TTS Voices for News Corp Australia:

Here we’re honoring all those hard working automated workflow voices in the AudioStack library, creating contextual content 24/7. AudioStack teamed up with Acast, News Corp Australia, and Creative Fix to turn real-time headlines into dynamic audio content on the Acast network. Using headlines from, we automatically generated 30-second ads seamlessly integrated into matching podcasts across various categories like breaking news, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, or tech. With a maximum lifespan of 12 hours, AI-powered audio became the sole method for creating content for each spot.

Best ASMR Voices:

Psst! Put on your headphones for this one! Audio doesn’t always have to be loud to get your attention, so in this week’s ‘Voice of the Week’ we’re highlighting our favorite whisper voices. Who doesn’t love a bit of ASMR?

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