Voice of the Week: A Showcase of the Finest Text-To-Speech French Voices in 2024

'Voice of the Week' is AudioStack's weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voices

Lina Adelt, Marketing Director

Lina Adelt, Marketing Director

'Voice of the Week' is AudioStack's weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voices

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Text-to-Speech (TTS) has emerged as a revolutionary tool, seamlessly blending artificial intelligence with the human touch. French TTS voices have become an integral component, breathing life into various applications.

But why choose one Voice of the Week when you can have 10? So get your wine ready and meet AudioStack’s Top 10 French TTS voices, chosen by our experts, each with its own unique personality and ideal use cases! 🇫🇷 🍷🥖

1. Isaac, The Confident Storyteller

Isaac, from Eleven Labs, introduces a fusion of upbeat, confident, and storytelling elements. His versatile style caters to education, newscast, e-commerce, audiobooks, advertisements, and business. Imagine Isaac guiding students through an engaging educational journey or bringing life to ads for the world’s biggest brands. 

2. Glinda,  The Enchanting Narrator

Glinda, also from Eleven Labs, brings an upbeat, fun, and confident aura to the scene. Ideal for advertisements, audiobooks, customer service, and e-commerce, Glinda can turn any mundane interaction into an enchanting experience.

3. Jollie, The Energetic Reader

Jollie is a force to be reckoned with, embodying tense, fast, energetic, and high-pitched qualities. Best suited for ads, e-commerce, business, audiobooks, customer service, IVR, and education, Jollie's dynamic nature can captivate audiences in various scenarios.

4. Lucet, The Informative Uplifter

Lucet, a creation of Google, exudes an upbeat, energetic, and informative vibe. Tailored for advertisements, business, newscast, and customer service, Lucet can bring a touch of optimism to any setting, making information dissemination an engaging experience.

5. Maurice, The Steady Authority

Azure's Maurice is characterized by a steady, informative, and low-pitched tone. With optimal use cases in ad campaigns, e-commerce, business, customer service, and IVR, Maurice can be the authoritative voice guiding customers seamlessly through interactions.

6. Melissa, The Balanced Steadfast

Melissa, the creation of DeepZen, presents a balanced, steady, informative, and serious demeanor. Ideal for ads, e-commerce, business, customer service, IVR, and education, Melissa's balanced approach  instills trust and reliability.

7. Romain, The Deep Informer

Romain, crafted by Google, offers a deep, calm, informative, formal, and low-pitched style. His voice suits advertisements, e-commerce, business, customer service, and IVR scenarios, creating an atmosphere of depth and professionalism.

8. Sylvain, The Fast and Serious Artisan

Sylvain, from DeepZen, combines fast, deep, and serious elements. Perfect for audiobooks, ads, and education, Sylvain can narrate stories or deliver information with a serious and engaging flair.

9. Yvette, The Balanced Contemplator

Azure's Yvette boasts a balanced, slow, and thin style. Ideal for health and fitness, customer service, and IVR, Yvette's voice can bring a sense of tranquility and assurance to sensitive contexts.

10. Mathilda: The Energetic Tale-Weaver

Mathilda, a versatile ElevenLabs Multilingual voice, exudes an upbeat, confident, energetic, and storytelling style. She finds her forte in diverse applications, becoming the vibrant fitness coach, injecting infectious energy into advertisements, transforming audiobooks into captivating adventures, creating an enthusiastic learning environment in education, and elevating customer service interactions with her lively and confident approach.

The world of TTS French voices is vibrant and diverse, offering a plethora of options for various applications. Whether you seek an authoritative guide, an enchanting narrator, or a dynamic storyteller, these voices are ready to bring your projects to life. Visit and embark on an auditory adventure to help tell your story.

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