AI Voice of the Week: A Showcase of the Top Dutch TTS Voices

'AI Voice of the Week' is AudioStack's weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voices

Maria Chatzi, Product Owner

Maria Chatzi, Product Owner

'AI Voice of the Week' is AudioStack's weekly highlight of our favorite TTS voices

In the vibrant realm of text-to-speech technology, synthetic voices play a crucial role, each embodying unique personas influenced by Dutch culture. Let's delve into the personas of the top synthetic voices in our AudioStack voice library, each enriched with Dutch flair and charm. 🇳🇱

1. Maarten from Azure

Maarten’s voice is deep and formal, exuding seriousness and authority. With his informative and deliberate style, he is a trusted guide in realms such as health and fitness, business, audiobooks, customer service, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, and education. Maarten's commanding presence lends credibility to every narrative.

2. Matilda by ElevenLabs

Matilda sweeps onto the scene with the boundless energy of a Dutch windmill in full motion, exuding confidence and vitality. Her upbeat and storytelling style resonates with the industrious spirit of the Dutch, making her the perfect companion for health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as for advertisements, audiobooks, education, and customer service scenarios.

3. Arnaud from Azure 

Arnaud enters with a smile in his voice, his upbeat and balanced demeanor reminiscent of a sunny day in the Dutch countryside. With his calm and storytelling style, he brightens any setting, whether it's Kids Tech, health and fitness, audiobooks, customer service, or education. Arnaud's voice paints vivid pictures and captivates audiences.

4. Glinda by ElevenLabs

Glinda bursts forth with the vibrant colors of a tulip field in spring, radiating joy and vivacity in every syllable. With her upbeat and energetic style, she enlivens the atmosphere of any setting, whether it be advertisement, audiobook, customer service, or e-commerce. Glinda's voice captivates audiences with her Dutch charm and infectious enthusiasm.

5. Mana by Polly

Mana brings a sense of calm and stability to every conversation, her storytelling voice steady and soothing. With her calm and steady delivery, she excels in audiobooks, education, IVR systems, and advertisements. Mana's gentle narration guides listeners through stories of inspiration and insight.

6. Natalie by ElevenLabs

Natalie embodies the calm serenity of an Amsterdam canal on a quiet afternoon, her voice flowing with grace and poise. With her serious yet soothing demeanor, she excels in health and fitness, advertisements, audiobooks, and education projects. Natalie's storytelling prowess mirrors the rich history and cultural depth of the Netherlands.

7. Harley by ElevenLabs

Harley’s tense and informative style means that he navigates the realms of gaming, business, advertisements, and e-commerce with the steadfastness of a Dutch sailor. Harley's deep resonance commands attention, leading listeners on thrilling adventures.

8. Phoebe from Google

Phoebe bursts onto the scene with boundless energy and confidence, her upbeat and storytelling style reminiscent of a lively Dutch festival. With her confident and energetic demeanor, she shines in advertisements, customer service, education, e-commerce, and health and fitness settings. Phoebe's vibrant voice ignites excitement and engagement.

9. Trellis by ElevenLabs

Trellis enters with quiet authority, his voice a testament to the precision and craftsmanship of Dutch architecture. With his serious and confident style, he lends gravitas to business, advertisements, audiobooks, and newscast environments. Trellis's strong delivery captivates audiences, guiding them through complex topics.

10. Brian by ElevenLabs

Brian welcomes listeners with warmth and wisdom, his voice a beacon of knowledge and insight. With his calm and informative style, he navigates the realms of audiobooks, education, e-commerce, and newscasts with the gentle authority of a Dutch professor. Brian's storytelling prowess transformes mundane details into captivating tales of discovery.

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