We built a full ad campaign in minutes using only AI. Here’s how

Why using AI from start to finish may be different from what you think: In this post we're creating a fully synthetic ad using ChatGPT as well as, explaining why and how to use it in the advertising industry.



Why using AI from start to finish may be different from what you think: In this post we're creating a fully synthetic ad using ChatGPT as well as, explaining why and how to use it in the advertising industry.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, generative AI seems to be everywhere: clever students are using it for their homework, journalists are writing articles and one person even had a whole children’s book written and published using the AI text generation tool. But can AI also be used for complex processes such as creative media content production? We think it can - and in a different way than you might think.

‍Across the globe the ad industry is worth almost $600B per year but many processes are still painfully slow and non-scalable. Here is an example of how to create a full ad campaign using nothing but AI:

Creating your ad content

This is where ChatGPT comes in, right at the start. Being able to just ask a question is a great way to use it for copy creation.‍

For this example, let’s try creating an ad for a trading website we’ll call TradeUp. We’ll create three different versions:

  • First-time investors

  • Experienced investors

  • Crypto investors who want to diversify their portfolios

We’ll also limit the character count to 300 so it will fit into our 30-second radio ad:

63a1c30a4828c11ddd8d2cd3_Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 17.48.24.png

Our conversation with ChatGPT

Here is what ChatGPT came up with:‍

For first-time investors: Are you new to investing and looking to get started? Tradeup is here to help. Our platform makes it easy for first-time investors to buy and sell stocks, including top companies like Apple. With Tradeup, you can start building your portfolio and achieving your financial goals. Sign up today and take the first step towards a brighter financial future. Tradeup: the smart choice for first-time investors.

For experienced investors: Attention experienced investors! Are you looking to trade up to even better returns on your investments? Tradeup is the perfect platform for you. With our easy-to-use interface and wide range of stocks, including top companies like Apple, you can confidently manage your portfolio and maximize your profits. Sign up with Tradeup today and take your investing to the next level. Tradeup: where experienced investors come to trade up.

For crypto investors: Calling all crypto investors! Are you looking to expand your portfolio beyond just cryptocurrency? Tradeup is here to help. Our platform allows you to easily buy and sell traditional stocks, including top companies like Apple, in addition to a variety of popular cryptocurrencies. Sign up with Tradeup today and diversify your portfolio like never before. Tradeup: the ultimate platform for crypto investors looking to trade up.

Turning content into speech

Now that we have a sensible piece of written content, we’ll want to turn it into speech. Given that all of the components we’re using in this process are AI based, we’ll be using text-to-speech to do so. We’ll try 3 different speakers, two males and one female. This is how it sounds:

Bronson: A deep voice full of confidence, inviting unsure listeners to become first-time-investors

Jeff: A more serious, mature voice that reassures experienced investors to try TradeUp

Hailey: A friend-next-door-like female voice confidently asking crypto investors to hedge using traditional stocks

Producing the audio ad

The speech already sounds quite decent but not really like an ad. Let’s spruce it up with a few sound designs and mix the speech with it using This is essentially the work a studio sound engineer would do in the traditional recording process. will do the same thing in the cloud using AI mixing and mastering.

‍Bronson - We’ll use’s sound design: “Listen Up”. Its purpose is to create a strong motivation with the listener

‍Jeff - “Time Horizon”. This sound design indicates a sense of urgency and timeliness

‍Hailey - Here we’re using “Lickety Split”. It has an upbeat feel and a great crescendo.

Delivering any ad anywhere

Wow, so now we have 3 different ads that sound totally different and address several types of investors! All of this using only synthetic resources: from text creation with ChatGPT, over Text-to-speech from different providers to AI-powered sound designs, mixing and production. So how do we deliver it to the right audience?

A popular platform for placing audio ads is Adswizz. They’re working with an ad-creative exchange format called VAST. It’s an industry standard for video and audio, essentially asking for a specific ad just when it’s needed and returning the URL to that file, so it can be placed into the right ad slot of a podcast, song queue or radio show. This is a fully automated process. All you need to do is set up a campaign for it and of course produce the ads as we’ve done here.


Adswizz is an Ad-Tech platform that specializes in audio advertising

How can you use this tech for yourself?

The process of ad creation is slow and thoroughly manual. Following all of these steps the traditional way takes months, weeks, or - if you can do it all yourself - hours. But you'll never be able to create an entire ad, from the idea to the fully-produced audio, in minutes. This is what generative AI can do - and if you automate all of the steps above using AudioStac, you can even do it seconds!‍

Ad industry professionals will tell you that the process takes so long because it ensures high attention to detail and the best quality possible - and there is no doubt about that - corporations such as Coca Cola or Mercedes-Benz invest vast amounts of time and money into campaigns that stand out creatively for a reason. But that’s not really the point.

‍Generative AI can play a significant role when it comes to supporting professional content creators with fast and easy starting points they can work off. Briefings can start with an audio file, decreasing turnaround times with agencies and aligning on creative direction.

Using AudioStack you can spin up thousands of versions of a creative in just seconds using real-time data. Spoken ad copy can be adapted to weather conditions or musical preferences. For example, we could just automatically create all of the ads above in all 3 voices and 3 sound designs. That alone would give us 27 ads, which we could then multi-variant-test to see which one performs best.

‍Small businesses can be empowered to create their own audio ads in seconds, based on templates powered by generative AI. All of that at a tiny cost and with no experience in ad creation.

‍In short: Generative AI will become a vital part of the creative writing process and scalable audio production will enable advanced, highly dynamic use-cases.

‍Ad creation could become more creative, efficient, personal and diverse because of AI.




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