How UneeQ brought Albert Einstein back to life

UneeQ is a conversational AI company specializing in customer experience ambassadors that recreate human interaction at infinite scale. Aflorithmic created Digital Einstein’s voice in just a month.



UneeQ is a conversational AI company specializing in customer experience ambassadors that recreate human interaction at infinite scale. Aflorithmic created Digital Einstein’s voice in just a month.

These numbers of our customer's Marketing funnel speak for themselves: UneeQ experienced significant growth by launching the Digital Albert Einstein project.


UneeQ is a conversational AI company specializing in customer experience ambassadors that recreate human interaction at infinite scale.

To showcase what their technology can do, UneeQ created a very special brand ambassador: Digital Albert Einstein. Users can ask this digital avatar anything and receive a verbal answer within seconds.

Aflorithmic created Digital Einstein’s voice in just a month, from the first idea to a fully working synthetic voice model.

Over one and a half years after its launch, Digital Einstein is still used daily and has spoken more than 115,000 times using his synthetic voice.

About UneeQ

Founded in New Zealand in the year 2010, UneeQ helps companies to improve, scale and improve their customer experience by creating digital humans. Their customers include companies such as BMW, Vodafone and UBS.

Customer Challenge

For most organizations, the vast majority of digital customer contacts require assistance, and only 10 percent of newly built digital platforms are fully scaled or adopted by customers.* 42% of the brands UneeQ surveyed in 2021 said their biggest strategic priority with their chatbot was creating more of a “human experience”.** However, most current chatbots offer little more than a slight improvement on an FAQ page, so getting there is not an easy task.

In order to offer a scalable digital solution for a personal, enjoyable and efficient customer experience, chatbot technology is just not enough. So UneeQ designed Digital Humans. These customer service avatars are already showing what is possible when well-defined personalities are given the task of creating memorable customer experiences – interactions, not just transactions. 

By anchoring a digital human personality throughout the entire customer journey and customizing the experience, progressive companies are able to build deeper customer relationships. Sustaining a positive customer experience can increase customer loyalty, raise MRR and ultimately maximize customer lifetime value.

Digital Einstein was designed to demonstrate what an interaction between a human and a digital AI companion can feel like.


** Source

Why Aflorithmic?

UneeQ does not develop synthetic voice technology in-house. In an early iteration of Digital Einstein, an off-the-rack German synthetic voice was used and fed with English text. This created several issues. Firstly, the content was hard to understand, since the voice had a very thick German accent, and also sounded robotic and unnatural. Importantly, it didn’t feel anything like Albert Einstein.

UneeQ teamed up with Aflorithmic to create a voice that would overcome these challenges. Its in-house ‘Messner’ R&D Team carried out all the necessary steps to make Digital Einstein feel human.

Building Digital Einstein

In order to create a voice that people would associate with Albert Einstein, Aflorithmic’s Messner team started by screening videos and movie representations of Einstein, such as “IQ” starring Walter Matthau as the German scientist.

After all, Einstein is much more than a historical figure - he has become a pop-culture character many people in the world have experienced in one way or another.

Now that the tone of voice, prosody and feel of the desired voice were clear, the next step was to carry out an extensive casting in order to find the right voice actor for the job. As a final choice, an American speaker was selected who was not only a huge Einstein fan himself, but could also recreate the scientist’s unmistakable voice, complete with a fitting German accent.

Digital Einstein was trained with only 2 hours of audio recordings, which is about 5-10% of the audio data used for voices such as the aforementioned German Wavenet voice created by Google.

Once deployed, Digital Einstein was now able to communicate with users and answer any questions thanks to an AI-powered computational knowledge engine.

Results and Benefits

Digital Einstein launched in April 2021 and achieved an exceptionally large amount of press coverage including publications in ForbesTechcrunch, and Business Insider. The project even made it onto Spanish TV!

In the year and a half since its inception, Digital Einstein created 115,000*** sentences and interacted with users 600,000*** times using his synthetic voice. Within the last year he has been asked an average of 6 questions during each interaction with a human.


UneeQ’s marketing funnel saw significant impact after launching Digital Einstein


Almost 70% of all users asked rated Digital Einstein a 7/10 or higher

Today, Digital Einstein is still one of UneeQ’s most used, praised and liked digital humans and he is used daily to successfully attract tons of new customers to the company.

*** Source: Aflorithmic Labs, Ltd

**** Source: UneeQ

Bringing your text to life with high-quality voices

While Aflorithmic already has the deepest library of voices on the market today, 600+ voices, 60 languages, 100+ sound designs, 50 sound effects in the same API solution, we are always on the lookout for adding the best voice providers to our roster and DeepZen is definitely one of the best ones. We are confident that these 9 new voices in our library will allow you to connect and engage with your audience better than ever.

This partnership with DeepZen provides a fantastic means for agencies to create bespoke audio content for their clients without the need for expensive studio production. Integrating DeepZen voices into our platform will make it easier than ever for publishers, marketers, content creators and more to get their brand out onto social media platforms, apps and websites.

Having all of this talent available on a single API, accessible with just a few lines of code is an absolute game-changer to developers tackling complex projects. Now audio production is faster than traditional audio development could ever allow; voice-actors have greater opportunities than ever to stand out in the industry.


Much more than just Text-to-Speech

Quick, scalable, and affordable, in 2022, digital audio production needs to be all of these things.

Whether it’s basic Text-to-Speech tasks or fully realised complex audio projects that integrate music and multiple voices, Aflorithmic is the go-to source. You don’t even need previous experience tackling the task at hand.



About Aflorithmic

Aflorithmic Labs, Ltd is a London/Barcelona-based technology company. The platform enables fully automated, scalable audio production by using synthetic media, voice cloning, and audio mastering, to then deliver it on any device, such as websites, mobile apps, or smart speakers.

With this Audio-As-A-Service, anybody can create beautiful sounding audio, starting from a simple text to including music and complex audio engineering without any previous experience required.

The team consists of highly skilled specialists in machine learning, software development, voice synthesizing, AI research, audio engineering, and product development.




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